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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Protecting Your Cattle Just Got Easier

Last September, we introduced you to our new patent pending tub mounted magnet, designed to catch loose metal objects that may be contained in feed ingredients. Since then, shining reviews have continued to flow in.

"The tub mounted magnet removes metal continuously, as the feed moves through the mixer. With other magnets, you only get one chance to remove metal. Once it gets past the discharge, it's in the bunk."
-RJB Marketing, Inc.

"We really like the new (tub mounted) magnet and would like to put it on our mixers at our other dairy."
-O'Loughlin Farms

Due to popular demand, we are introducing a field installation option for the patent pending tub mounted magnet! Now the tub mounted magnet can be added to existing stationary, trailer, and truck mount Patz Vertical Mixers with capacities from 350-1,580 cu. ft. (9.9-44.7 m³). 

Protect What Matters! Ask your local Patz Mixer Dealer for details about installing the patent pending tub mounted magnet on your new or existing Patz Vertical Mixer today!

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