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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New 2013 Wisconsin Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator Available

Ken Barnett of the University of Wisconsin-Extension predicts higher crop input costs for Wisconsin farmers in 2013. Compared to 2012, Barnett anticipates 2013 to bring:
  • 14% higher costs for growing alfalfa, corn, soybeans and wheat.
  • 5% higher prices for fertilizer and pesticides.
  • higher seed prices due to the drought.
To help producers make cropping decisions this year, Barnett developed the 2013 Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator for Wisconsin. The calculator estimates costs and returns for 2013 and allows the user to develop enterprise budgets for corn after corn, corn after soybeans, corn silage after alfalfa, corn silage after corn, soybeans, wheat, seeding alfalfa and established alfalfa for hay and haylage.

Source: "2013 Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator for Wisconsin available online." Progressive Forage Grower. Retrieved from on 1/9/13.

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