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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rave Reviews for RAPTOR™ Knife Heard Globally

"My feeder just loved the new RAPTOR knives. Baleage bales process in half the time compared to the standard knives."
-Wisconsin beef producer

"With the use of the RAPTOR knives, the hay falls down quicker to the processing knives. They minimize waste without lessening the performance of the mixer."
-Australia dairy producer

"This is the real deal. Using RAPTOR knives works wonders. This advancement reduced torque, reduced the overall cost, and shortened processing time."
-RJB Marketing, Inc.

The patent pending RAPTOR knife fits trailer, stationary, and truck mount Patz Vertical Mixers with mixing capacities from 270 to 1,580 cu. ft. (7.6 to 44.7 m³). Contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer for details.


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