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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello Patz Mixer, Goodbye Dead Spots

Dustin Leno of ZX Ranch in Wing, ND
Dustin Leno raises 650 head of beef cattle on ZX Ranch in Wing, ND. His father, Dallas Leno, originally purchased the ranch in 1988. Dustin has since taken his father’s cattle on share along with his own, bringing his total herd size to the current 650 head. 

Recently, a fire on ZX Ranch destroyed a building and its contents, including a tractor and a brand “x” mixer Dustin had been using to feed his cattle. With hungry mouths to feed and no mixer to feed them with, he quickly contacted his local Patz Dealer for assistance. Understanding the urgency of the situation, they loaned Dustin a Patz Vertical Mixer which enabled him to get up and feeding again in no time.

After experiencing the proven performance of a Patz Vertical Mixer, it didn't take long for Dustin to decide that he would not be returning to brand “x.” In February, he purchased a new 615 cu. ft. Patz 1200 Series Trailer Single Screw Vertical Mixer. According to Dustin, “The Patz Mixer makes a big difference. It [blends] everything up when the brand “x” would have dead spots. My cattle aren’t sorting like they were before.”

Featuring the patent pending Multi-Angle Top Vortex™ Screw, the 1200 Series mixes all of his ration ingredients, including round bales of brome grass and alfalfa, quickly and with ease. In fact, Dustin reports that his new mixer cuts about ten minutes off his mixing time, saving him almost an hour each day in time and labor.

In addition to time, labor, and feed savings, this Patz Vertical Mixer has returned something priceless to ZX Ranch: job satisfaction. “Now that I have the Patz, it’s fun feeding again,” said Dustin.


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