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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vortex™ Technology by Patz

As of May 2013, all new Patz 1200 Series, 2400 Series II, and 3600 Series II Vertical Mixers feature the "VORTEX™ TECHNOLOGY BY Patz" decal to indicate that their mixing design includes the patent pending Vortex™ Screw. A decal is positioned on both sides of the mixer tub for optimal visibility.

So, how does the Vortex™ Screw actually work?
The Patz Vertical Mixer blends large volumes of assorted material for a uniform mixed ration. Using the Vortex™ Screw, the ration is combined quickly and efficiently without crushing the ingredients.

Feed is pulled away from the bottom of the mixer walls by the specially designed Vortex™ Screw, allowing more material to fall as the screw rapidly lifts the feed. The continuous lifting and falling action creates a thoroughly blended mixture of ingredients within minutes!

The Vortex™ Screw quickly moves the Total Mixed Ration to the discharge area for even distribution while providing superior cleanout.

To learn more about the patent pending Vortex™ Screw, contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer or visit

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