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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Ag Waste Recycling Program Underway

Silage bags, net-wrap, baling twine, feed bags, and other waste plastics often present disposal challenges for ag producers as protecting the environment and keeping disposal costs down do not always go hand-in-hand. Just recently, Ohio's Carroll County Farm Bureau leaders launched a potential solution to this on-going issue: recycling plastic ag waste to make sidewalks. 

The Farm Bureau partnered with California-based Terrecon, a manufacturer who uses recycled plastic materials to create interlocking sidewalks. To collect the plastic waste from ag producers in the area, county Farm Bureaus distributed large "super-sack" bags, which measure 36-42" on each side, are around 58" deep, and can hold about 800 lbs. of recyclable plastic. Farmers fill the bags with their waste plastic and then haul them to collection points set up in five counties. Terrecon arranges to pick up and haul the super-sacks from these collection points to a plant in Indiana. 

Although this recycling project has just begun, participating farmers are hopeful that they will  save money on waste disposal fees and may be able to downsize their dumpsters over time. As responsible stewards of the land, they also appreciate the opportunity to better the environment.

To learn more about this innovative recycling program, visit the source link below:

Source: Rick Mooney, “From Ag Waste to Sidewalks,” Hay & Forage Grower, November 2012: 50-54.

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