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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Better Heifer Reproduction in 5 Easy Steps

In his November Hoard's Webinar, John Lee, D.V.M., presented the following "5 simple steps to better heifer reproduction:"
  1. Move heifers to the breeding pen every week based on height and weight targets. 
  2. Ensure heifers are bred shortly after entering the AI pen and administer prostaglandin on the day of movement.
  3. Make sure all heifers are inseminated. Use timed AI for any heifers not inseminated in the first 28 days in the breeding pen.
  4. Conduct routine pregnancy checks and reconfirm pregnancies at 70-90 days carried calf.
  5. Run monitor reports after each pregnancy check.
For more insight on how you can improve your heifer reproduction management program, view John Lee's presentation at

Source: "Shrinking the freshening window for replacement heifers" Hoard's Webinar presented by John Lee, D.V.M., on November 19, 2012.

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