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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to minimize crop input costs

With today's high fertilizer, seed, fuel, and fertilizer prices, farmers need to minimize crop input costs wherever they can.

Mahlon Peterson, Agricultural Agent for the University of WI Extension, encourages producers to consider these seven steps to help minimize crop production expenses, meet crop needs, and protect the environment:
  1. Always make sure you have up-to-date soil test results to assist with your decisions.
  2. Make liming applications a priority.
  3. Grow the best crop on every field.
  4. Take your allowable manure credits on all fields.
  5. Take full advantage of nitrogen credits on all fields.
  6. Apply no more nutrients than the crop needs.
  7. Consider removing excess nutrients from your field's bank.

Source: Peterson, Mahlon. "Seven steps to minimize crop production expenses." Progressive Forage Grower Extra. 16 October 2012. Web.

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