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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Investigating Cow Comfort

Progressive Dairyman recently released a three-part video series investigating common cow comfort issues. The series, CSI (Cow-Side Investigation), details the resting positions, bedding choices, and stall design options that can maximize cow comfort on your farm.

Cow-Side Investigation with Tom Lorenzen
Tom Lorenzen, Alltech Dairy Specialist, hosts
the three-part video series on cow comfort.

In Cow-Side Investigation, Part One: Resting Positions, Alltech Dairy Specialist Tom Lorenzen covers four normal resting positions for dairy cows and discusses indicators that can help determine if cows are resting comfortably.
The four normal resting positions - wide, narrow, short, and long.

Part Two: Bedding Tips focuses on stall bedding. Lorenzen stresses the importance of providing adequate bedding and regular stall grooming. The video also shows how improper bedding can impact cow comfort and milk production.

The final video in the series, Cow-Side Investigation, Part Three: Stalls and Their Dimensions, discusses proper stall design and dimensions. Viewers will learn the purpose of the neck rail and brisket locator, discover the "Six Freedoms for Stall Design" (see below) and learn how simple changes to your stall’s design can greatly increase cow comfort and milk production while also reducing lameness.

Experienced veterinarian Dr. Neil Anderson's criteria for stall design include the following six "freedoms" for cows:
  1. "Freedom to stretch their front legs forward."
  2. "Freedom to lie on their sides with unobstructed space for their neck and head."
  3. "Freedom to rest their heads against their sides without hindrance from a partition."
  4. "Freedom to rest with their legs, udder, and tails on the platform."
  5. "Freedom to stand or lie without fear or pain from neck rails, partitions, or supports."
  6. "Freedom to rest on a clean, dry and soft bed."
To learn more about maximizing cow comfort, watch the Cow-Side Investigation video series or visit Progressive Dairyman's Cow Comfort blog.

Source: Tom Lorenzen, "Cow-Side Investigation, Part 1: Resting Positions," Progressive Dairyman Extra, July 1, 2013.

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