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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Producers Choose Patz Vertical Mixers

In general, producers buy mixers for many different reasons, but there are only three ways that a mixer can pay for itself and put extra money in your pocket:

  1. You can reduce your feed costs if your mixer can mix cheaper feed ingredients.
  2. You can reduce your labor costs if you mix quickly and size your mixer properly.
  3. You can increase your production and improve herd health if your mixer does a great job of mixing. A good mixer will provide a consistent ration from beginning to end, will empty out completely, and will mix very quickly so you can control your particle length.
All mixers are not the same...The Proof is in Satisfied Users:

"This is a game changer. We had three other vertical mixers before the Patz so this isn't new to us. A mixer is as valuable as your milking equipment, and it has to work every day. I can tell that the Patz is the best built. Our cows are already up a couple of pounds, and we save 
1-1/2 hours per day feeding."
Waverly, MN

*As featured in Dairy Star

Ask your local Patz Mixer Dealer for a demo or details about our Mixer Days promotion, going on now through July 15, 2013!
*The Patz Mixer Days Promotion is offered to North American residents only. Please click here for promotion details.

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