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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Patz Mixers Offer Fast, Consistent Discharge With Superior Cleanout!

No more wasted or spoiled feed! Patz Vertical Mixer owners from around the globe love the fast discharge and superior cleanout they get with their mixers. Don't just take our word for it - here is what some satisfied Patz Vertical Mixer owners are saying:

“The mixer really cleans out well with very little left inside.” 

Doug Breyer
Breyer Dairy 
Birnamwood, WI 

“The mixer’s performance is excellent. We have seen great clean-out even with fine grains. Our Patz Mixer is a must. We can’t live without it. We’ll never go back to our old ways.” 

Paul Benda, driver 
Welch Feed & LP Gas 
Waukon, IA 

“The Patz mixes quicker, chops faster, and cleans out better. All in all, it’s been a massive time saver.” 

Victoria, Australia 

“We really like the variable frequency drive because it enables us to have a better cleanout at the end. We can clean the mixer out right down to almost nothing. We’re really happy with how it’s performing for us.” 
Olson, LLC
Sturgeon Bay, WI

"It mixes fast, unloads fast, and everything is cleaned out when we're done. We should have bought the Patz Vertical Mixer five years ago." 

Melichar Broad Acres
Port Washington, WI 


Contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer about a demo or to learn more about our Mixer Days Promotion! Don't delay - the promotion is only good through July 15, 2013*!

*The Patz Mixer Days Promotion is offered to North American residents only. Please click here for promotion details.

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