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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Patz Vertical Mixers Handle Feed Alternatives, By-products, and More!

Hay and forage shortages due to the 2012 drought continue to pose concerns for dairy and beef producers alike. To ensure that their cattle continue to receive proper nutrition, many producers have been incorporating a wider variety of ingredients into their rations, including cost-effective feed alternatives, homegrown feeds, and by-products. Combining all of these ingredients into a palatable, well-blended ration can be a challenge...a challenge that Patz Vertical Mixers are engineered to conquer!

Patz Vertical Mixer owners across the ag industry and around the world are reporting that their mixers are handling a wider variety of ingredients with ease. Here is what a few of them are saying:

"We like the versatility to use a wide assortment of feeds - baleage, corn silage, bread, dry round bale hay, and high-moisture corn. Plus, now we can incorporate long-stemmed hay into our rations."
Cow-calf operation
350 cu. ft. 800 Series Vertical Mixer

"It does a great job processing all of my ingredients, including round bales and alternative energy sources -- pizza crusts, dried whey, and beet pulp."
Dairy operation
615 cu. ft. 1200 Series Vertical Mixer
"We're saving hay and time, and we're getting better results with the cattle. As we go along, we try different ingredients to see if they work. You hear about new feed options, and if they're affordable, you give them a try. (In fact, they currently incorporate macadamia nut meal into their ration as an economical, alternative energy source.) I've talked to a lot of people with horizontal mixers, and I'm so pleased we don't have one."
Beef feedlot
350 cu. ft. 800 Series Vertical Mixer

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