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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Patz Equipment Keeps SCC Low, Milk Quality High!

(L to R) Kevin and Lisa Collins with daughters
Brittany and Eileen
Kevin and Lisa Collins of Greenleaf, WI began Collins Dairy LLC in 1993 when an empty dairy farm with a parlor and freestall barn became available. The original barn was expanded several times over the years with the final time being in 2005, when the first two Patz Alley Scrapers were installed. 

“We installed the scraper system to reduce labor and keep the cows cleaner,” stated Kevin. They’ve done just that, as evidenced by a somatic cell count of a mere 110,000 on the Collins’ ever-growing herd of Holsteins. 

In 2008, a new freestall barn was built, and because of the excellent results achieved from the first alley scraper installation, Kevin and Lisa opted to install two Patz Model 1500 Alley Scrapers and a Model 6000E Electric Drive Vertical Pit Pump in this barn. "As we added more cows, we didn’t want to add more labor, and the Patz Alley Scrapers have allowed us to run our milking crews with one less person. This has shown us a great return on investment in our Patz Alley Scraper systems,” said Kevin. 

After growing the herd to fill this facility, the Collins chose to add a third freestall barn and didn't hesitate to install two Model 1500 Alley Scrapers in this barn as well. Kevin noted, “We are very satisfied with the Patz Alley Scraper systems. Not only do they help reduce labor and keep our milk quality high, they protect our gates, freestalls, and doors from damage since our skid loader is rarely needed in our alleys.”  

With the growth of the dairy herd, heifer numbers were also growing, prompting the construction of a new heifer facility in 2012. When the Collins consulted them regarding a manure system for the new facility, their local Patz Dealer recommended the Patz Model 2016 Tundra™ Pro Hydraulic Pump for the job. “The Tundra™ Pro is pumping well over 400 feet to storage and hasn’t missed a beat,” said Kevin. 

While Patz equipment has been taking care of the manure handling chores on the farm, Kevin and Lisa also look to Patz for their TMR mixer needs. In 2012, they purchased their second 620 cu. ft. Patz 800 Series Twin Screw Vertical Mixer. According to Kevin, “We really like the simplicity of the Patz Mixers. They mix fast and unload fast – especially with the two side doors.” On three times a day milking, the Collins’ herd averages 84 pounds per cow without rBST.


Collins Dairy LLC was also featured as the cover story for the April 2013 LINK Newsletter!

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