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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Northern Lights Sees Superior Results

(L to R) Jorge Estrada and Andrew Holle of Northern 
Lights Dairy, Mandan, ND 
Fourth-generation farmer Andrew Holle and his family started Northern Lights Dairy with 130 cows in Mandan, ND in 2003. By 2007, the herd had increased to a sizeable 600 head. While Andrew started out feeding with a 615 cu. ft. Patz Single Screw Vertical Mixer, as the farm grew, so did his feed demands.   

Andrew needed a mixer that could handle a greater capacity, and after a positive experience with his first Patz Vertical Mixer, he consulted his local Patz Dealer, Western Farm Sales, Inc., in Oakes, ND and purchased a larger mixer from the Patz brand, a 950 cu. ft. 2400 Series II Trailer Twin Screw Vertical Mixer. He also opted for rubber/steel side extensions, expanding the mixer’s total capacity to 1,100 cu. ft. Andrew worked with Stearns Bank N.A., a Patz financial services partner, to finance the purchase and develop an affordable payment plan.

The change has been a beneficial one for Northern Lights Dairy. Andrew has been able to get by doing fewer loads in his new mixer, which makes a big difference on the windy plains of North Dakota and has helped him reduce his feed shrinkage. Andrew says the thorough, well-blended TMR his Patz Vertical Mixer delivers is consistent from beginning to end. What’s more, with this new mixer he’s saved three hours a day in feeding time! 

One of the reasons that Andrew says he would recommend this “excellent product” is the quality of the patent pending tub mounted magnets. The tub mounted magnet on the mixer is “very easy to clean and won’t come off during mixing.” In comparison, he says, “other magnets really don’t work.”  

Thanks to his new Patz Mixer, Andrew is saving time, getting more mileage out of his feed, and delivering a superior TMR. In fact, he is so satisfied with his purchase, he says that even if he could do it all over again, he wouldn't change a thing!

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