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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bigger Bulls & Higher Heifer Pregnancy Rates!

Peter and Sue Gray with their son, Henry
"The Hut," Marlborough
Queensland, Australia
For the last 20 years, Peter and Sue Gray have been raising Brahman bulls and heifers on The Rivers Brahman Stud in Queensland, Australia.

In the past, the Grays’ bulls were fed hay from a rack and pellets from a trough. Drawn to the more palatable feed, the bulls’ diet mainly consisted of pellets, resulting in rumen shrinkage. To provide a more balanced diet, they decided that a new feeding method was in order.

Before investing in a mixer, Peter and Sue wanted to make sure that it would be the right fit for their operation. So when their local Patz Distributor offered them a trial period with a 350 cu. ft. Patz 800 Single Screw Vertical Mixer, they seized the opportunity.

What convinced the Grays to purchase the mixer after their 6-week trial ended?

  • Ability to incorporate a wide variety of ingredients into their rations: large round bales of Buffle, Lab Lab, and Lucerne hay combined with high protein pellets and molasses. 
  • Immediately, bulls became noticeably bigger and rounder. 
  • Bulls' rumens began to expand, allowing them to take advantage of paddock feed when turned out.
  • No more feed waste. 

After purchasing their Patz 800 Vertical Mixer, Peter and Sue decided to try using it to feed their maiden heifers prior to their AI program. The result? Heifer pregnancy rates skyrocketed from 50% to 98%! 


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