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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"We're saving 2-2½ hours per day!"

PAPAS Dairy LLC, North Bangor, NY
In 1998, brothers Patrick, Alan, Peter, Aaron, and Scott Poupore founded PAPAS Dairy LLC in North Bangor, NY. Just two years later, the family lost Patrick in an accident. In the midst of their loss, the family pulled together to run the large 4,000-acre operation. With the help of their wives, mother Claire, and many children, the four brothers currently milk 2,200 cows three times a day and raise 1,800 youngstock.

Feeding a herd of this size requires a high capacity, durable TMR mixer. The Poupores found the perfect fit for their operation: a 1,400 cu. ft. Patz Model 3600 Triple Screw Vertical Mixer.

With 4,000 head to feed, Peter appreciates opportunities to save time and labor. With the ability to mix fewer, larger batches in less time, his new mixer saves him 2-2 ½ hours each day! “It is a very well-made machine. It performs even better than we expected,” he stated. He has also found that the Patz Model 3600 mixes grasses for the heifer and dry cow rations better than their other mixers.

Patz 3600 Triple Screw Vertical Mixer
Every day, the herd depends on Peter to deliver a palatable, nutritious ration. Engineered for durability and reliable performance, the Poupores' new mixer makes sure the herd is not disappointed. Scott remarked, “Thumbs up to Patz. They’ve put the metal where it’s needed.”

The Poupores are so happy with their purchase that they are considering replacing their other mixers with another Patz 3600. The family is also pleased with the support they have received from Patz Corporation.

“Patz employees are great people, from troubleshooters to managers. Patz is still #1,” Scott said.

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