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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Excellent Intakes & Increased Components Mean a Better Bottom Line

(L to R) Jim & Wilfred Clemmer
Tavistock, Ontario
Many cows have called Watavue Holsteins “home” since the Clemmer family opened its doors 60 years ago. The dairy has been at its current location in Tavistock, Ontario for over 40 years. Wilfred Clemmer partnered with his son, Jim, to run the 70-head operation.

According to Jim, the Clemmers have always relied on Patz equipment to keep their dairy running smoothly. A number of years ago, they invested in a Model 4205 Stationary Horizontal Mixer to feed their herd. In 2011, they turned once again to their local Patz Mixer Dealer, Embro Farm Systems, Inc. of Embro, ON, and purchased a 420 cu. ft. (11.8 m³) 1200 Series Stationary Single Screw Vertical Mixer

A high-quality TMR has resulted in higher intakes
and increased components for Watavue Holsteins.
Since their purchase, Jim has discovered that their new mixer performs even better than their horizontal. Designed with the patent pending Vortex™ Screw, it mixes faster and produces a better quality, more consistent TMR. Jim also appreciates the flexibility to use a wider variety of ingredients. 

Another benefit that Jim enjoys is the ability to power his mixer using just two 10 horsepower motors. Plus, faster unloading allows him more time for other chores. 

Delivering a high-quality, palatable mix has led the cows to eat better. “Intakes are excellent!” Jim remarked. Ultimately, greater intakes and better nutrition have resulted in a better bottom line for Watavue Holsteins. Jim reported, “We’ve increased our milk components with our new Patz Mixer. Butterfat is up to 4.2%.”


*Watavue Holsteins was also featured in the April 2012 issue of the Patz LINK Newsletter!

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