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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reduce ammonia emissions for a cleaner, healthier herd

Ammonia emissions in the barn aren't good for you or your herd. Implementing management practices to reduce emissions will help improve the health of animals and humans, reduce pollution, reduce odors, and improve fertilizer quality.

Follow these simple rules to help keep your herd clean and healthy:

Clean alleys into small holding pits constantly.
Optimize living conditions by maintaining clean buildings.
Move manure out of the barn quickly.
Focus on keeping cows clean and dry.
Operate alley scrapers continuously.
Reduce manure in alleyways.
Trust Patz to meet your manure handling needs!

Load, Agitate, & Transfer Fast!

  • Handle liquid manure, dairy wastewater, slurry manure, and more!
  • High volume delivery!
  • High pumping capacity!
  • End daily hauling - save fuel!
  • Preserve manure nutrients - reduce fertilizer costs!

Patz Shuttle Box  & Alley Scrapers 

Keep cows clean & healthy!

  • Automatically clean on a precise schedule - even while you sleep!
  • Scrape concrete & rubber alleys more often!
  • Install easily!
  • Low maintenance!
  • Save time and labor!
  • Minimize wear on tractor or skidsteer!
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