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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vertical Mixer Maintenance Tips

At the University of Wisconsin's Arlington Dairy Days, Matthew Digman of the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center noted that regular mixer maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and potential downtime. 

As featured in the January 10th issue of Hoard's Dairyman, here are several of Digman's mixer maintenance tips:
  1. Grease. Regular grease points include universal joints, drive-line bearings, door guides, and linkages. Follow each grease line to its delivery point.
  2. Chains. Clean off debris. Check sprockets for excessive wear or evidence that the chain isn't riding properly. Wear could indicate a misaligned sprocket.
  3. Oil. For automatic oilers, make sure the reservoir is adequately filled and the oil dipper is positioned over the chain. If the oil bath level is too high, there may be contamination. 
  4. Planetary gearbox. Check the oil level, and follow guidelines for change intervals.
  5. Augers, paddles, and hoppers. Inspect for excessive wear.
  6. Electrical system. Clear wires of buildup, check for damage, and tie up wires. Look for corrosion in the junction box. 
  7. Load cells. Spherical joints on the check arm system should be tightly attached, yet the arm should be free to move in the joint. 
Source: "Winter's the time for mixer maintenance" article. Hoard's Dairyman, January 10, 2012 issue.

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