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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beran's Dairy Expands Herd...Shortens Chore Time!

Vicky & Al Beran of Beran's Dairy
Birnamwood, WI
Family-owned for 50 years and counting, Beran's Dairy in Birnamwood, WI is home to 100 milking cows and 100 youngstock. Second generation-owner Al Beran and his wife Vicky purchased the dairy in 1994 and have been running it ever since.

In 2010, they installed a manure pit and built a new freestall barn to accommodate their growing herd. To maintain the beautiful new barn, the Berans identified the need for an effective, efficient manure-handling system. They knew just where to go for the solution: their local
Patz Dealer, Rew Motors, Inc. of Birnamwood, WI.

The Berans invested in two Patz Model 4444 Vertical Pit Pumps to keep their herd clean and comfortable. Al is pleased to report that his new pumps are saving him time and labor. He is now able to agitate and pump the manure while he loads the mixer from the silos, allowing him to do two chores at once!

After scraping with a skid steer for a few weeks in the new facility, Al & Vicky decided to invest in a Patz Model 320 Alley Scraper ASAP! Since then, Al has never looked back.

Cows stay clean and comfortable with
Patz Alley Scrapers & Pumps.
He said, "The chore of manure handling is automatic. The scrapers keep the cows cleaner and should allow the barn to last longer. The alley scrapers are cheap hired help -- they are reliable and are never late for work!" This automation has enabled Al and Vicky to milk more cows without hiring labor outside of the family.

 Milk production and quality clearly play a large role in an operation's profitability. Today, Beran's Dairy's herd averages 75 lbs/cow on twice-a-day milking. According to Al, "Herd health is better because of better cow comfort in the new barn. Our cows are cleaner because of the alley scraper system which affects milk quality."

The Berans were planning on a 10-year payback period but report that they are currently ahead of schedule.

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