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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"...our Patz does a better job and takes less time..."

Pictured left to right: Grant, Andy, Emma, Austin, Alex, James, 
Matthew Hausladen of Hausladen Dairy, New Germany, MN.

“We have a high hay ration, and our Patz does a better job and takes less time to mix than our old auger mixer.”

*As featured in the September 24, 2011 
                                 issue of Dairy Star.

Got a Hungry Herd? Get a Patz Vertical Mixer!

  • Feed high hay rations: Process a variety of feeds with ease, including
    round and square hay bales, wet or dry!

  • Reduce feed costs: Flexibility to use less expensive alternatives!

  • Save time, labor, & fuel: Quickly mix a consistent, thorough TMR!

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