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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Patz 1200 Series Vertical Mixer mixes faster...

Gary Weymiller of Weymiller Farms, IA
"We use a lot of hay in our beef ration,
and our Patz mixes faster than our reel mixer.
The cleanout is good, and the Patz is built heavier."
                                                  -Gary Weymiller, IA

*As featured in the August 27, 2011 issue of Dairy Star.

Experience what others already know!

Patz Vertical Mixers Save Time, Labor, Fuel & Feed!

             • Process a variety of feed ingredients!
             • Mix fast!
             • Deliver a thorough, consistent TMR!
             • Fast discharge with superior cleanout!

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    The complete Patz Vertical Mixer Series includes:
    Trailer, stationary & truck mount units; single, twin & triple screw sizes from 140-1,580 cu. ft.

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