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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"It does a great job processing all of my ingredients..."

Patz equipment has been an important part of Golden Ridge Dairy's operation ever since installing their first Patz Barn Cleaner in 1950. Over the past sixty years, the dairy has added a Patz manure pump, material mover, silo unloader, belt feeders, and vertical mixer to meet their feed and manure handling needs.

Chad Denowski of Golden Ridge Dairy
Located in Beaver, WI, Golden Ridge Dairy remains a family-run business. Second and third generation farmers, David & Sheila Denowski and their son Chad currently own and operate the dairy. Chad's sister and her husband, Tracy & Zach Zaidel, are also actively involved in the business.

Two months ago, Chad started feeding their 450 dairy cows and 350 heifers with a 615 cu. ft. 1200 Series Trailer Single Screw Vertical Mixer. Today he reports that this new mixer is providing significant savings and benefits for his operation.

Pizza crusts are loaded and
processed with ease.
One of the benefits of feeding with a Patz Vertical Mixer is the flexibility to use a wide variety of feed ingredients and less expensive alternatives. "It (1200 Series) does a great job processing all of my ingredients, including round bales & alternative energy sources -- pizza crusts, dried whey, and beet pulp," Chad stated. 

Whether he is mixing a 2,000 lb. batch for his steam up group or a large 17,000 lb. batch, Chad knows his herd will be getting a thorough, consistent TMR. Chad said, "The new (Vortex) Screw mixes fast and is very consistent. The ration is very well mixed in a shorter period of time." In addition to nutritious rations, he values the time and fuel savings he experiences with the fast mixing speed.

Chad also had good things to say about these optional features currently available for 1200 Series Trailer Vertical Mixers:
  • Conveyor discharge: "I like the ability to weigh feed on the conveyor discharge because I can be more exact when feeding rations."
  • Dual kicker: "The extra kickout on the screw provides a more consistent, level pile in the free stall when discharging."
  • dinamica generale® electronic scale: "It's simple to operate. Plus the bright LCD (display) is easy-to-read."
After experiencing the benefits of a Patz 1200 Series Vertical Mixer, Golden Ridge Dairy is pleased to continue their sixty-year long tradition of success with Patz equipment.
Seeing is Believing!
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