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Friday, March 11, 2011

Join Us in Celebrating National Ag Day!

From elementary schools to the White House, millions of Americans will be celebrating National Ag Day on March 15th to recognize the great contributions our farmers and ranchers make to our country and to our everyday lives. Providing $4.7 trillion to our gross domestic product annually, agriculture is one of the strongest sectors of the US economy.     308 million Americans and 6 billion others from around the world rely on our nation’s 2.2 million farmers and ranchers to help meet their food, fiber, and renewable resource needs.  

Throughout agriculture’s rich history, a strong work ethic, dedication, and passion have characterized the American farmer. In our current economy, these qualities have become even more apparent as farmers face many difficult challenges and decisions. Rising feed and fuel prices increase input costs while prices for milk and other commodities continue to be unpredictable.

Our volatile market conditions present risks that make it necessary for today’s farmers to wear many different hats –  producer, businessman, economist, and investor, to name a few. There is more pressure than ever before to be highly productive, sustainable, environmentally conscious, and on top of the latest scientific developments for the highest quality end products.

With all of these responsibilities, time is a valuable commodity. Producers need time for family and friends while still maintaining a profitable business.

Farmers around the world count on Patz for efficient, reliable, quality feed handling equipment. They know that their herd is consuming a thorough, consistent TMR for ultimate herd health and production while they enjoy time, fuel, and feed savings.

Count on Patz Vertical Mixers to deliver these great results:
  • Process a variety of feed ingredients, including less expensive alternatives - reduce feed costs!
  • Fast mixing and fast discharge with superior cleanout – save time and fuel while reducing feed waste!
  • Consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size!
  • Cows eat better and sort less – increase productivity and rate of gain!
Click here to view the full Patz Vertical Mixer Series, including Trailer, Stationary, & Truck Mount units with mixing capacities from 140-1,580 cubic feet!

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