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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Increased Intakes, Increased Butterfat, Increased Bottom Line!

In operation since the late 1920s, Johnson Farms is a family-owned dairy run by Steve Johnson and his son Grant in Hebron, IL. To feed their 120-140 dairy cows, they depended on a series of silo unloaders, conveyors and feeders. When a conveyor broke down, the Johnsons needed to find an alternate method to feed their herd until repairs could be made. Their local Patz Dealer accepted the challenge and suggested they further automate their feeding system with a Patz Vertical Mixer. He offered to conduct an on-farm demo so they could witness the benefits of a Patz mixer firsthand.

Seeing Is Believing! After the impressive on-farm demo, the Johnsons were sold on a Patz mixer! Steve and Grant Johnson purchased a 420 cu. ft. Patz Model 1100 Vertical Mixer to feed their herd.

When asked what their return on investment has been since purchasing their Patz Vertical Mixer, Grant Johnson reported these impressive results:

  • A very consistent ration – resulting in reduced sorting and less wasted feed.
  • Ability to add large bales right into the mixer without busting them up first.
  • It mixes fast - - without over-processing the feedstuffs.
  • Does a great job mixing batches for 13-15 cows at 500 lbs/mix for his dry and fresh cows.
  • Has reduced concentrates used in his mix - - saving him about $1500/mo on protein mix.
  • Saved time and labor - - approximately ½ hour each day.
  • Within the first week, milk butterfat content and feed intake began to increase! Grant reports, “We were up 16 pounds since last year and 4-5 pounds over the last month.”
When asked to describe in one word how his Patz Model 1100 Vertical Mixer makes him feel, Grant responded, “Relieved!” He only wishes that he would have purchased a Patz mixer ten years ago now that he has experienced such a considerable increase to his bottom line.

Seeing is Believing!

Contact your local Patz Dealer for an-on farm demo
to see how a Patz Vertical Mixer will benefit your operation!

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